The Vegan Collection is an online vegan clothing, shoe and accessories company based out of Los Angeles that is committed to providing cruelty free products at reasonable prices. As part of our commitment to the animals, 25% of all profits are donated to organizations that are advocates for animals.
The Vegan Collection Blog: An All New Look
Author: Kevin

Things have been quiet on the Vegan Collection Blog front. Way too quiet for our liking but it was for a reason. When our blog initially launched, we’ll call that Version 1.0, I had high hopes for having 3-5 stories a day. And for the first couple of months, that actually was the case. Then it dwindled to 1 story a day, then 1 story a week and so on and so on. Here we are at the launch of Version 2.0. We have a completely new design, we deleted out a lot of the old irrelevant posts and built in a couple of new additions.

We now have “Feature Articles”. These are the stories that actually take some time, brainpower and research to write. We’ve started off with a couple of great interviews as well as a long piece about vegan suits. Below that you will see our “Featured Video”. We constantly get great videos forwarded to us and we wanted a place where we could highlight some of the best. We also have a new “News” section. This will be quick updates about what’s going on with The Vegan Collection and any other stuff that’s piqued our interest lately. You will also find an “Events” section which draws attention to some of the important events we will be attending or want to call attention to. Lastly, there’s the obligatory “Shop” posts about new and upcoming products.

Feel free to snoop around and let us know what you like or *gasp* don’t like.

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