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Pictures from Praha
Pictures from Praha

When we were deciding the second destination of our Central Europe honeymoon it was a toss-up between Prague or Budapest. I eventually made the executive decision to go with Prague. We both agreed that our three days in Praha were the highlight of our trip. Here’s a recap.

TVC Vacation: Mickey D’s in India
TVC Vacation: Mickey D's in India

With such amazing vegetarian India food options available on virtually every street, when we requested that our taxi driver take us to a McDonald’s they couldn’t understand what we were thinking. We explained how it was a completely different experience from that in the US. Due to India’s large Hindu population, McDonald’s has completely catered [...]

TVC Vacation: Stray Dogs in India
TVC Vacation: Stray Dogs in India

One thing I never got used to during our week-long stay in India was the unbelievable amount of stray dogs wandering around Delhi. The only way I can describe it is to think of pigeons in the United States and apply that to dogs. They are literally everywhere and looked at for the most part [...]

Vegan Dining in “The Big Easy” is Anything But

As you may have noticed, we were on vacation last week. We were taking a much needed break by visiting old friends, Drew Brees, and jazz clubs galore in one of the least vegan-friendly cities I have ever experienced, New Orleans. One of the charms about New Orleans is that it’s very much a “local’s [...]

TVC Vacation: India Trip This Week

If you stopped by our site last week you would have seen our “On Vacation” message on the main page. Technically, it was a business trip as the point of our travel was to meet with our manufacturer in Delhi. This week we will have a series of posts about our experiences while in India [...]

SF Veg Fest Wrap-Up

Two days worth of great speakers, fantastic food and an amazing turnout made the SF Veg Festival an amazing event. We met a bunch of great people and ran into some old friends. The general consensus from everyone we spoke to said it was the best Veg Fest yet and we were happy to be [...]

A Vegan Vegas: The Hipster Edition

This past weekend my boyfriend and I were whisked away to the insipid region of Nevada known as Las Vegas. The decision to go to “Sin City” was not ours of course, but that of our friend’s in celebration of his 30th birthday. For the many who know us (Kevin and myself), it would not [...]

Vegan Eating Guide in Bangkok

This is not an extensive list of restaurants. Most places can easily cook vegan food for you if they understand what it is. The word “vegan” has no equivalent translation in Thai. They understand “J” (or “Jay”) and sometimes “vegetarian” but not vegan. “J” is a diet that is almost vegan but they use oyster [...]

Crusing Vegan Style

We’re back from our short five day cruise from Long Beach down to Mexico and back. Before we left, I did a bit of snooping around to see what kind of experiences other vegans have had on Carnival Cruise Line and if they had any advice. As one can imagine, being stuck on a boat [...]

Vegan Vacations

Next week we are taking off to Mexico on a short cruise and it got me thinking about vegan vacations. The cruise that we are taking is supposed to offer a wide variety of vegan dining options, but I’ll believe it when I see it. It may end up being a fruit and fries week. [...]

A Couple of Vegetarian Restaurants in Siem Reap and Bangkok

The word vegan is not understood by a lot of people, but i think these restaurants are vegan if not then really close to it. If you happen to be going to cambodia or thailand, chances are you will be going to Siem Reap and Bangkok. Siem Reap is the city where Ankor Wat is [...]

Vegetarian Festival in Thailand

The Vegetarian Festival in Phuket, Thailand started on Sept 28th and goes until Oct 7th this year, perhaps following the lunar calendar. I don’t know much about it and I’d rather make up stuff than researching about it to tell you, well, it’s really easy for you to read about here, so… I’d rather write [...]